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3athlon.org - dnf is no option is all about triathlon and endurance sports. It is the one stop point for all active triathletes and endurance enthusiasts. 3athlon is preparing for take off, relaunch is ahead and work in progress: +-=

3athlon will be released in two languages initially: English and German. Spanish version may follow 2015. Do you have what it takes to be an early adopter?

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Excited about Triathlon, IRONMAN, Challenge, XTERRA, HITS, REV3 and all these other endurance challenges? You need a solution for a specific challenge? You are seeking inspiration? Discuss, meet and hang out with 30,000+ other triathletes.


Join the non-profit triathlon and endurance sports club with our exclusive treatment, far ranging opportunities, special offers and many more things to come. Many things are optional - no big white elephant to feed. It's gonna be awesome!


Success in sports like triathlon is 20% talent and genetics, 50% dedication and 30% smart training. You have to bring 70% with you! We'll help out with this exciting training stuff, introduce best practice coaching and coaches to dedicated athletes.


Do not want to race lonesome? Do not want to race the same events all year around, year after year? 3athlon has worked out the right solution for this issue.


On public launch day, we will provide a full list. Our current partners and networks have a proven track record, helping athletes accomplishing and exceeding their individual goals. Interested in teaming up? Don't hesitate to speak with us.

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Is there more to come?

Oh yes, it is. But we do not talk pre-launch about the really hot and exciting stuff!

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